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Big Hip Hop Beat – Runners

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Story Telling Trap Beat | Hip Hop Instrumental – Better Days

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Funk Hip Hop Beat | 90’s Hip Hop Beat – Popz

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Uplifting | Funky Hip Hop Beat – Let’s Ride

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Underground Hip Hop Beat | Dark Boom Boom Bap Instrumental – Don’t Forget To Breathe

This is one of my favourite hip hop beats so far this year. I know I say that about nearly every beat but it’s true! I loved creating this one, it’s called “Don’t Forget To Breathe.”
At a time when we’re all so busy with life, running around everywhere getting stressed, not enough time to get things done, working too hard and not getting paid eough etc, etc, etc – sometimes we need to just remember to stop what we’re doing, chill for a bit and BREATHE !!
Take time to do the things that matter – Spend time with God, family, friends. Anyway this beat is about that!
It’s moving enough to tell a story but simple enough to let the vocals shine through.
Hope you enjoy, let me know thoughts.

You can download this beat right here:

Story Telling Hip Hop Beat | Moving Hip Hop Instrumental – Trials

New Story Telling Hip Hop Beat…


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