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New Hip Hop Music You Need To Hear!

By admin on May 02, 2016 in Artist , Boom Bap , Hip Hop , Lyrics , Music , Rap - 0 Comments

Proper music is still being made, trust me! You’re just not really going to find it in the mainstream media and that’s a good thing. It remains underground and untainted! The beats stay Boom Bap-tified and the lyrical message is thought provoking and optimistic. Want to hear what I’m talking about? Here’s three albums to prove it…

1. the Book of Bedrock – the Praying Mantis

2. Rites Of Passage – The 4 Fathers

3. Remnant Chamber Music – Soloman Gehazi, The Praying Mantis and D7

Go and enjoy the music and support the artists!

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