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Mixing & Mastering

So you’ve picked your perfect beat, written, practised and recorded your best vocals yet and now you need to get your song ready to be heard. Here’s where we can help!
We’re offering a quality mixing and mastering service to get your music up to industry standard and give it the best possible finished sound. Don’t waste all of your hard work by having a weak mix and a badly mastered song.
Preview our sample tracks below to hear how you can make your music stand out from the crowd and improve the listening experience for your fans:


Mixing only options:

  • Mixing your instrumental beat: £40 USD $60
  • Mixing your vocals into a beat: £45 USD $70

Mastering only options:

  • Mastering your instrumental beat: £30 USD $45
  • Mastering your vocals to a beat: £35 USD $55

Mixing AND Mastering options:

  • Mixing and mastering your instrumental beat: £50 USD $75
  • Mixing and mastering your vocals to a beat: £60 USD $90

Mixing Requirements:

If it’s just mixing you need please look at the following requirements below to get started.

  • Please make sure that all stems start at 0:00 and are labelled clearly e.g ‘Intro’ ‘Verse 1’ etc.
  • Send your zip folder through or any other file sharing service using the email:
  • Include a ‘rough mix’ as a reference track in mp3 format.
  • Once we receive your files we’ll contact you and discuss the project and also set up payment requirements.
  • On completion of the mix and payment has been received, you’ll have up to 4 mix reviews of your track.

Mastering Requirements:

  • Instrumental beat in wav format.
  • Tracked out vocal parts, clearly labelled in wav format.
  • Include a ‘rough mix’ as a reference track in mp3 format.