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ATCQ x Funky Boom Bap Type Beat – Heart On Your Sleeve

This weeks new beat is called “Heart On Your Sleeve”
It’s a funky Boom Bap beat reminiscent of something you’d hear in early 90’s Hip Hop.
It’s got a spacey/dreamy chorus section which lets the beat breakdown for a while before it gets back to the funk! I called it “Heart On Your Sleeve” because that’s what real Hip Hop (or any genre for that matter) is all about… Getting what’s on your heart out over a beat! Whether it be political, social or emotional as long as it’s heartfelt then people will relate and connect with you as an artist.
Anyway, I’d love to hear what you’ve got and what you do with the beat!

Click the link below to have a listen and give us a thumbs up if you’re feeling it.

You can download this beat right here:

Golden Era x Boom Bap Type Beat – Bath

This weeks new beat is called “Bath”
Don’t ask me why it’s called that but it was a working title and it just stuck!
It’s an Old School Boom Bap Beat similar to something you’d hear in 90’s Hip Hop – I’ve been making a lot of these lately so I hope you like the sound. The drums are gritty, full of swing with a basic kick – snare shuffle and there’s a nice organ lead melody driving the beat.

Click the link below to have a listen and give us a thumbs up if you’re feeling it.
Once you record something to it send it over, I’d love to have a listen.



Download this beat here:

Tips For Recording Great Vocals!

We all want our vocals to come out sounding crisp, clear and professional. After all, we’ve taken the time to write our lyrics, practiced and practiced some more! So we don’t want it all to go to waste when we record. Here’s a few tips on how to get that perfect vocal take!

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