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Artist Feature: Illustrate

Recently I stumbled across an artist who had shared his album on a Facebook post and I gave it a listen. I might have been a bit slow on the uptake about this artist but when I heard a few of the tracks I thought this is seriously dope! My kind of Boom Bap beats laced with lyrics of depth and spiritual truth. Read more about Illustrate below…

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This Is England

Newly released “This is England” is a collaboration album featuring various different hip hop artists across the UK who come together in unity to spread the message of the Gospel.
There’s a nice mix of different styles on the album. Along with hip hop, there’s also grime and rnb. It’s definitely worth a listen and you can hear it in the player below. If you like it give it a share and spread the message.

Artist Feature: Jarvis Jenks


Jarvis Jenks is a 26 year old independent artist born and raised in the slums of Louisiana. He’s now taking his music to another level after leaving the secular Hip Hop genre back in 2015 and converting his life to Christianity. He started going to church and God spoke to him through the Word.

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Funk Hip Hop Beat | 90’s Hip Hop Beat – Popz

Download this beat here:

Uplifting | Funky Hip Hop Beat – Let’s Ride

Download this beat here:

Artist Feature: Nathan Jarrelle

It’s so refreshing to hear a new up and coming artist creating the music they love to do and doing it their way. When music is made out of purpose and passion then in my book it’s definitely worth a listen.
Regardless of what’s happening in the mainstream music industry and whatever the latest regurgitated sound being pumped out to the masses is, if you can still sound relevant but have a deeper message to send within your music then it’s a winning combination. That’s exactly how I felt when I first came across Nathan Jarrelle. Awesome music and wholesome content.

We caught up with Nathan so let’s hear from the man himself as he shares his story so far…

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Welcome to RSG Beatz!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added RSG Beatz to the Seconds Out Team. Be on the look out for his unique blend of upbeat funky hip hop beats!

RSG Beatz (which stands for Roy’s Serving Godly Beatz) is an up and coming Christian artist/producer in the business to produce and collaborate with many different artists and producers across the States and overseas.

“We to need to come together as one and inspire people through our music…God Bless!”

Check out more social media links below:


New Aggressive Grime Beat – P’s

So this new banger is a collaboration with KC Sounds. Have a listen to the preview below to check out this hard grime beat.

You can get the full version here: P’s

More beats and instrumentals: Seconds Out Productions

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Funky Boom Bap 90’s Hip Hop Beat – Goals

This weeks new beat is a Funky Boom Bap 90’s Hip Hop Beat called “Goals”

Check it out below:

90s Funky Boom Bap Hip-Hop Beat – 123

This weeks new beat is called “123”
It’s an old school boom bap beat reminiscent of something you’d hear in early 90’s Hip Hop. Funky bassline, some wah guitar hits and rhodes keys in there.
As always, I’d love to hear what you do with the beat! If it’s hot we’ll put in on the website.

It’s as easy as …123 ! It really is so click the link below and get your bars ready!

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