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Artist Feature: Sabrina Hilaire

By admin on Jul 08, 2018 in Artist , Artist Features , Hip Hop , Music , Singer , Songwriting - 0 Comments

Sabrina Hilaire is a London based Gospel artist. She is a also songwriter, producer and vocal coach.

Sabrina has certainly been through tough times in her life but now thankfully through God she uses those experiences to minister healing in her songs, specifically to broken Women. Her EP titled ‘Gods Music’ recieved excellent reviews; with sultry, dynamic vocals, head bopping beats, and lyrics that will reach every area of your life. It has been described as an “ECLECTIC BLEND OF GOSPEL”.

Sabrinas latest album The Narrow Road is a available now.

First of three singles ‘Above Water’ gives an idea to what the album has in store for us; “Unfiltered lyricism and thought-provoking truths about her personal journey and others.” 

The self-produced track brings the best of Sabrina Hilaire’s artistry to date with a gritty urban feel merging well together with her captivating soulful voice.  

“Above Water” describes how someone can be constantly battling with temptations while honestly trying to maintain a righteous lifestyle. In the song Sabrina acknowledges her struggles whilst staying true to herself and trying to keep her head above water.

The video captures a matured and expressive side to Sabrina Hilaire that will inspire and encourage people going through the same journey, check it out here:

The second release from her album “Lord Have Mercy”, delves into the hidden thoughts and convictions that people may face during their lives.

Another self-produced and thought-provoking track merges Neo soul and hip hop together to deliver a transparent conversation between the creation and the Creator. 

In the song, Sabrina’s soulful voice carries the listeners through the conversation while discovering Gods Mercy and grace is available to all when true repentance takes place!

You can hear the full album Narrow Road here (Click picture)

Connect with Sabrina on social media:

Facebook: Sabrina Hilaire

Twitter: @SabrinaHilaire

Youtube: Sabrina Hilaire


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