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Artist Feature: Nathan Jarrelle

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It’s so refreshing to hear a new up and coming artist creating the music they love to do and doing it their way. When music is made out of purpose and passion then in my book it’s definitely worth a listen.
Regardless of what’s happening in the mainstream music industry and whatever the latest regurgitated sound being pumped out to the masses is, if you can still sound relevant but have a deeper message to send within your music then it’s a winning combination. That’s exactly how I felt when I first came across Nathan Jarrelle. Awesome music and wholesome content.

We caught up with Nathan so let’s hear from the man himself as he shares his story so far…

Thank you Seconds,

A Testimony:

It’s been a very crazy ride so far. Very exciting, very sad, very turbulent. God has been with me through it all. Whenever I was in the need of hope or security The Lord was there for me. He’s kept me safe and has protected me through the craziest storms. The crazy part, I’ve learned, is that most storms in our lives come from our own decisions or foolish responses. After living a Luke warm Christian lifestyle, like many Christians do unfortunately, I re-dedicated my life to Jesus. Which means I submitted everything I had over to God. I gave my life to Jesus. I was Baptized for a second time in His Name. It was an epic moment in my life, there is no turning back for me. God restored me through His Son and by His Holy Spirit I am what I am. I give the glory to Jesus Christ.

The Music:

My music is reflective of my personal relationship with God, my personal struggles and thoughts on matters like politics, the current state of the world and even myself at times. I’ve been trying to write from the perspective of what The Bible says. It’s His thoughts, it’s His Word and The Bible is always right. If anything is going to change someone, it’s going to be from God’s mind and His heart and not mine. My music is transparent and I don’t like to sugar coat any of the messages. I want it to be raw. It’s reflective of the relationships in my life, the storms I’ve been through, and my maturity as a Christian. I never started with the intent to make Christian music. In 2016 I didn’t know that I would be a Christian Artist. I just wanted to rap and sing, I wanted to create music that was different, that stood out from the mainstream. I wanted to create really listenable content, edible but with a message that changed lives upon every listen. I had no clue what the Lord was leading me into but I see now. His Message is the only one that stands out. It’s different and it’s worthy to be praised and written about over and over again. No other message will last but His. I make music to be a window for the listener to see Jesus through. At the same time I want it to be a mirror that the listener sees him or herself clearly in. You’re not alone in your struggle, and I want the music to paint the picture that you can get through any trial and any obstacle with Jesus because you can. Anything is possible with God (Matthew 19:26). The music is meant to be encouraging, it’s meant to encourage you to Christ.

More Than A Positive Message:

The ultimate Goal is to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known. I want to spark a desire in the heart of every man to have a personal relationship with God. The only way that’s possible is through His Son Jesus Christ and without Jesus it’s impossible to have a relationship with God. I hear people say that my music is very “inspirational” and that it has a “positive message” but there is no other message or gospel like the one of Jesus Christ. It changes minds, changes hearts and saves souls. There’s no amount of “positivity” without Jesus that can make a man repent. There is no guidance out of darkness that can replace the Light of God and there is no hope that can raise a man from the dead without Jesus. No matter your circumstance. No matter who you are. No matter your sin. Jesus doesn’t discriminate. Jesus isn’t religion. Jesus isn’t a book of rules or a figurine that you can buy from the store. He is Real, Alive and He is Well. Jesus forgives. Jesus sees you at all times and Jesus is full of mercy. If you are willing He is willing. To heal you, to revive you, to restore you and to teach you and that’s good news!

The world is growing chaotic and cold but Jesus said that it would in Matthew 24. But be of good courage (Deuteronomy 31:6) Grab your Bible and read it while there is still time to. Draw close to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8) Jesus has overcome the world and He is coming back soon!

Thanks for the opportunity Seconds! God bless you brother!

Nathan Jarrelle

We definitely look forward to hearing what’s next for Nathan and his music. I’m sure there’s big things going to be happening for him in the future. With talent, style and the depth of his lyrical content – exciting times are ahead!

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