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Artist Feature: Myriam Word Maker

By admin on Sep 27, 2015 in Artist , Artist Features , Lyrics , Poetry , Spoken Word - 0 Comments

myriamIf like me you’re new to the spoken word/poetry genre then here is an artist you need to check out to kick start your new spoken word experience! You can’t help but sit back and listen when you hear Myriam perform her work. Thoughts are provoked and emotions brought to the surface like a session with a psychiatrist! I mean this of course with every positivity, it’s refreshing to explore an art form with so much depth. I’m excited to learn and hear more!

Myriam Word Maker is a French poet based in Bournemouth, UK. She currently hosts The Platform Open Mic at The Mad CuCumber vegan lounge and Apples and Snakes ‘Spread the Verb’ bi-monthly night in Poole Museum.
She is the first poet in residence at the Chocolate Poetry Club in London, Camberwell. She has been managing the Jericho Arts project since 2012, facilitating creative writing, mosaic and recycled art workshops.
Her words have been published in Boscombe Revolution, Interpreter’s House, Message in a Bottle, Oddity Magazine and I am not a silent poet.
Myriam’s poetry will gently take you by the hand while arresting you at the ears. Her words, enveloped with charm, both hurt and heal. Her narratives unfold like citrus with honey, in boiling water. Skillfully careening a serrated edge slalom of linguistic fireworks and bolt upright real life, her work is as courageous as it is unashamed.

myriam 2

“Standing on your lonesome in front of the microphone, the audience expectant, do you ever get the feeling that Clint Eastwood has just asked you: do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?
Releasing your words, your song, your soul into the great unknown, hoping for a clap, a nod, a gesture of yes that was good. Luck may only play a minor part as soft as the tiny breeze of a butterfly’s wing half a world away. To turn and speak and know the hurricane is coming takes a little talent, a little risk and a lot of work beforehand. To write and polish, to rehearse and give it some shine, to appear born ready, to smash and grab it.
Thing is we want more of that. We want to be wowed by everyday people who hold lightening in their hands and perform from the edge of the storm clouds. Do you feel lucky, punk?
I don’t. I have to make myself sit and write not waiting for inspiration to strike me. Sit and write. Practice, polish and shine. I use creative writing exercise to stretch, to aim further, to caress words into the shape of my thoughts. Write. Write. Write. Edit. Rewrite, craft. Ebb and flow. Create and forge. Polish, polish, polish. The new stuff needs time to grow. Read more, choose your fave sentence or even a random sentence and use it as a starting point. Remember, you enjoy writing”.

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