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Artist Feature: Jaysereh

By admin on Sep 06, 2015 in Artist , Artist Features , Fun , Lyrics , Music , Singer , Songwriting , Vocals - 6 Comments

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For todays Artist Feature we bring you singer – songwriter Jaysereh. Chilled out beats, lyrics with depth and melodies that will get stuck inside your head for hours!

Jaysereh, born March 11th 1987, has sung ever since she was a little girl. She actually knew how to sing before she started speaking. As she grew up in the nineties, she was influenced by the music of the time – always having a preference for soul, hip hop, R&B and reggae but she also enjoyed classical music, jazz and blues. Both listening to and creating! She played the violin and piano and sung her heart out in front of the bed room mirror, hoping one day she would become a singer.

When she was 14, she wrote and recorded her first song. She was inspired by the great Nina Simone and turned one of her instrumentals into a song, ‘Central Park Blues’. 
During her teenage years she wrote many songs under the artist name ‘Phreke’ and for some years she was part of a hip hop group called ‘Trilogy’. With their own songs, created from scratch, they performed at local bars. After a few years, due to various reasons but in good understanding the group split. 
She worked together with friends like Skiggy Rapz, and at the age of 16 she did a feature on his album ‘Boat Drinks’ (


For about a decade, she didn’t write or record any songs. The love for music and creating didn’t die, but life got busy. She played in theatre plays, she graduated as a pedagogue and she moved to another country. Life was not only busy, but it also got really challenging. She went through extreme highs and lows and lost touch with her true self. 
In September 2014, when life got most challenging after a break up, moving back to her home country and a few crises, she couldn’t find a way out. She turned to writing again. 
A year, about a hundred songs and a change of artist name later, Jaysereh is starting to get herself known as a versatile recording artist who loves to work together with talented rappers and producers from various countries. 
She gets inspired by her life and its circumstances and is known to be open and honest about her states of mind. She is hoping to be of support and inspiration to the ones who go through similar challenges.

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barbara September 6th, 2015

Beautiful. Your music and lyrics gets under my skin. Thnx.

admin September 6th, 2015

It definitely does! Excited to see what’s coming next 😉

Jaysereh September 21st, 2015

Hi Barbara,

Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your thoughts and feelings! I always hope to get under people’s skin so it’s really very supporting for me to hear this! I hope to be of support really, to share my story so people can relate.

I wish you all the best.


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