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Artist Feature: Jarvis Jenks

By admin on Feb 02, 2018 in Artist , Artist Features , Hip Hop , Music , Rap - 0 Comments


Jarvis Jenks is a 26 year old independent artist born and raised in the slums of Louisiana. He’s now taking his music to another level after leaving the secular Hip Hop genre back in 2015 and converting his life to Christianity. He started going to church and God spoke to him through the Word.

After hearing his music it will change even the unbelievers opinions about the Christian rap genre. His music deals with many hard issues including; paranoia, drugs, depression, losing friends to gun violence and prison.

Check out his video “Christian”

Listen out for more music coming from Jarvis Jenks soon. With a great story of transformation behind him I’m looking forward to hearing future projects!

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Twitter: @iamjarvisjenks
Instagram: iamjarvisjenks
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