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Artist Feature: InderPaul Sandhu

By admin on Feb 20, 2016 in Artist , Artist Features , Hip Hop , Lyrics , Music , Rap , Singer , Songwriting - 2 Comments


This week we feature up-and-coming rapper and singer InderPaul Sandhu from London. I caught him on the Feed ‘EM Sessions Cypher and was impressed with what I heard. The man’s got skills!

InderPaul has been Mc’ing for just under two years and singing for over a year now. He has a serious passion for outreach and as a result of this works with the youth in a semi independent care unit. He also volunteers in prison outreach and PRU’s (pupil referral units).

Read on to find out a bit more about the rapper…“To tell you a bit more about myself I became a Christian six years ago but it’s only been in the last two and half years that I have taken my faith and calling in life much more seriously. Music has definitely been a tool that has helped me to do that. God used and continues to use music in my life, it’s what He used to pull me closer to Him. It’s mad He even used the people I used to run away from after Church, to be the ones who I ended up spitting on my first dub with, having my first performance with and furthermore paying for the studio.

I started seeing my own potential when encouraged by my close friends Unique Creation and R.U.T.S. I started taking my talent much more seriously and before I knew it performances were building up one after the other and my confidence grew too, it was mad! Part of my peoples believing in me lead me to Crowdfund for my solo EP which I ended up being successful in and the iPaul EP “#iPaulEP” is on the way. Theres a whole bag of tricks I got on there for EVERYONE and if you don’t know what I mean by that then let me tell it to you like this “no one uses a flashlight in a room that’s already lit!””

Keep an eye out for the release of the EP, I can tell you I’m definitely excited to hear this one! When it’s ready we’ll keep you updated and post the link here. Until then connect with InderPaul via his social media sites with the links below:







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