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Artist Feature: Dre Tee

By admin on Jul 02, 2016 in Artist , Artist Features , Hip Hop , Lyrics , Music , Rap - 0 Comments

FB_IMG_1451565517600Andre Tenner-moody a.k.a Dre Tee was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He began rapping at aged fourteen and recorded his first song shortly after. He explains about his journey so far;

“I started in the worldly rap genre, so much had happened in my life, I’d seen a lot and been though a lot. When I hit eighteen I was still blind in a way, I tried to get myself together but still got side tracked a lot! It was when I turned twenty that things really changed for the better – this is when I truly found God. I always had a thing for music and I love God so I started writing raps about God and to lift up his name I recorded a lot of songs within a few weeks which ended being on my first official mixtape “One way to God.”  I carried on writing and completed two more mixtapes, “One Way To God 2” and “Lost” which are all available for free download on Datpiff.  I also have a music video called “Understand” (produced by Neostar) with the hope of doing more soon.”

Dre Tee has also just released his latest project “20/20 Vision” again available for free download. You can get this and his previous mixtapes at the links below. We look forward to hearing more from this up coming artist soon!

Datpiff –

Soundcloud –

Facebook –



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