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Seconds Out Productions are a music production company. We specialise in making beats and producing urban instrumentals for serious artists, rappers & singers. We create quality multi genre beats including Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Reggae, Trip Hop and more. Get in touch with us if you want to work and we’ll discuss your project. Budget prices and deals available. Contact Us

I guess you could say that Seconds Out Productions began when I made my first beat with ‘Music 2000’ on the playstation! Music_2000_(E)-1If anyone remembers that game, you’ll know how easy (and fun!) it was to put together a beat or song with a reasonable quality sound. Having a finished beat you were happy with and not spent a lot of money on using the latest technology and software at the time. You also didn’t need a music degree – and getting your ideas into actual beats became more accessible to the everyday beatmaker.
Soon after, I completed a music production course where I learnt to use Cubase SX and started making drum loops on an Alesis SR16.sr16
Various software, hardware and computer updates over the years including Fl Studio, Ableton Live & Maschine and here we are today. A lot of time and effort has gone into learning about the sound I wanted to create, studying music that moves me and of course practising!

Making beats is a passion and as I love a lot of different styles of music I try and incorporate them in the beats and instrumentals I make. From Trip Hop to Boom Bap, Reggae to Rap. If it sounds good we’ll pay homage to it in a beat somewhere!ableton

There’s always more to learn with music and it constantly evolves – sometimes for the better and sometimes not! That’s why I like to be diverse when I make beats and make the kind of music I like to hear, rather than follow a particular trend or sound at the time.